BuyBot lets you take control of eBay, not the other way around. Organize search results into folders, run searches on automatic schedules, view and sort items in all kinds of ways, automatically group similar items together, predict ending auction prices, your chances of winning, setup snipes and snipe groups, and create rules to manage items and alert you of certain items or conditions! All this and more, BuyBot is the program that offers the most power for the lowest price.




BuyBot can automatically update itself whenever it's run, so you're always working with the latest version. And because our license entitles customers to free upgrades, you never having to worry about paying to get the latest and greatest new version.



You'll never need to go back to the old way again: no more clicking page-by-page through eBay search results. BuyBot quickly shows you unread items in bold, lets you organize items into folders, and has customizable fields, all of which are sortable. The integrated preview pane lets you view items, without ever leaving BuyBot.


Keep tabs on things

BuyBot lets you attach notes and importance levels to items, so you can quickly keep track of what's what. Or sort by importance level to find the most important items in your folders.



Forget about saving searches, and getting up every morning to run them on eBay. BuyBot lets you create as many searches as you like, in each database that you setup, and lets you run them according to sophisticated schedules.



Using an on-line sniping website might be nice, but it also incurs monthly or per-item-won fees. With BuyBot you can create your own snipes and snipe groups. We've measured successful snipe times as low as 3 seconds using BuyBot.



BuyBot's value view features technology that no other software can feature. BuyBot's intelligent algorithms automatically group items based on their similarity. If a folder also contains completed items, BuyBot can also generate price distributions which predict the item's ending auction price, before it's even ended! Even better, it can tell you your chances of winning the item at a certain price. Absolutely no other software program has come close to the technical sophistication of our value analysis methodology.



Using the powerful Rules Wizard, you can create rules that perform one of many actions, based on a set of definable conditions. Ever wanted to wipe out items whose sellers had fewer than 10 feedbacks, or a feedback score less than 95%? What about receiving an e-mail every time an item from a certain seller, or with a certain keyword in the title was found? Or you could setup a special folder to receive all items that have received more than 20 bids. All that and more is now easily done, thanks to the Rules Wizard.



Whether you're a buyer or seller, market research is important. BuyBot can display a wide variety of HTML reports and custom charts that let you observe patterns in the market data or the seller structure. Thanks to eBay's powerful search technology and database backend, you can generate reports or charts that aggregate thousands or even millions of items. Even better, more reports and charts are being developed for the BuyBot community.



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