Every time you run BuyBot, it will automatically check for updates. If any new updates are available, you will be given a choice to download them when you start the program. Thus, you do not need to come back here to get the latest version.

1. To install, click on the link below and select "Save As". Save the setup program to your computer (i.e. on the Desktop, or C:\) and wait for the program to finish downloading.
2. Once complete, go to where you saved the setup program, and double-click it (the icon named "buybot_240.exe").
3. Follow the setup instructions to finish installing.

Click here to download

Optional: After downloading, we highly recommend reading the on-line tutorial. Or, while running BuyBot, you can click Help > Tutorial.

Note: Users without a software license will be able to test-drive the fully functional software for a trial period of 14-days. After this period, there is nothing we can do to reset your trial period, and you will need a valid license to continue using the program.


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