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Discrete Laboratories was formed in April, 2012, by Jason Douglas, who is a recent graduate of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University. Through the development of new technologies, Discrete Laboratories seeks to create a better life for everyone. Wherever we see an opportunity for innovation, we hope to be there, developing the software that creates new possibilities.

In January 2013, Discrete Laboratories released its first commercial product: AuctionExchange. AuctionExchange sets a precedent for eBay software: rather than focusing on the sellers, AuctionExchange was one of the first programs to bring substantial new features to the table for buyers. eBay is also an exciting venue for investors, and market research, since it represents the largest on-line marketplace. In a time when many academics are lauding the efficiency of the stock and securities markets, eBay creates a new opportunity for investors to create profits that would have been unattainable from traditional methods.

Discrete Laboratories also has a long history in the field of computational biology and pharmaceutical drug design research, and much of our non-profit work in this field can be found at our sister site, Our company's namesake is a spin-off of the research which was at the center of its first software project: the discrete electron density theory, which continues to be under development.

By creating products that are original and competitively-priced, we hope to further our purpose of using new technology to enrich other people's lives.


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